53rd Annual Apprenticeship Open House and Golden Hammer Contest

03.28.2024 jwatson

On March 27, 2024, the New York City District Council of Carpenters Training Center held their 53rd Annual Apprenticeship Open House and Golden Hammer Contest. Local public officials – including Councilmember Francisco Moya, Councilmember Chris Banks, and Councilmember Erik Bottcher– along with key staff of other elected officials attended the event to congratulate the apprentices and celebrate the achievements of all the individuals graduating from the union’s state-of-the-art training program. For the first time ever, the event also welcomed 200 students from eight local high schools to showcase opportunities in the trades and build the next generation of apprentices.

The open house featured exhibitions including the Golden Hammer contest, a skills-based competition where apprentices were able to showcase the craftsmanship and skills they acquired during their time in the union’s accredited apprenticeship program. Thirty apprentices across trades participated in the iconic competition.

Golden Hammer – Open House 2024 Winners

  • Interior Systems
    • Miles Blaney 1st Place…157
    • Michael Smith 2nd Place…45
    • Marquise Wilkerson 3rd Place…157
      • Honorable Mention
        • Izzy Levenson…157
        • Peter Gancitano…926
        • Jason Blumberg…157
        • Ila Ritola-Schow…157
  • General Carpentry
    • Leiby Velez 1st Place…45
    • Dario Zhindon-Romero 2nd Place…45
    • Bryan Larsen 3rd Place…45
      • Honorable Mention
        • Jeremy Wischik…926
        • David Forster…20
        • Benny Pena…157
        • Olivia Lewis…157
        • Luis Velasquez…157
  • Millwright
    • Sharif Mansour 1st Place…740
    • Henry Liang 2nd Place…740
    • Alvaro Duran Guzman 3rd Place…740
      • Honorable Mention
        • Nicholas McGee…740
  • DockBuilder – Timberman
    • John Posillico 1st Place…1556
    • Christopher Esteves 2nd Place…1556
    • Ernesto Torres 3rd Place…1556
      • Honorable Mention
        • Michelle Beckhorn…1556
  • Floor Coverers
    • Krzysztof Pietras 1st Place…2287
    • Jeffery Lopez 2nd Place…2287
    • Michael Goodrich 3rd Place…2287
  • Cabinet Makers
    • Jonathon Arocho…2790