Let’s Rise TO Build Carpenter Power TOGETHER

Carpenters RISE is a member-led, power-building campaign to empower our members to use their voice to protect union jobs and carpenter values.


To educate and engage our sisters and brothers on issues that directly impact our jobs


By joining a community board or finding other ways to give back to those in need


We bring members into the political process to hold elected officials accountable.


Since launching in 2020 we have:


Successfully passed the LLC Transparency Act, which requires LLCs to disclose their owners, and allows us to go after unscrupulous contractors who used to be able to hide behind shell corporations.


For years, civil service carpenters were forced to pay into a benefit they could legally never claim. Governor Hochul signed our bill into law which closed the loophole and will refund members their employee contribution.


Passed The Wage Theft Accountability Act. This made wage theft a felony, giving District Attorney’s new power to crack down on the worst actors in the construction industry.


Successfully served as the deciding factor in the City Council approval of a 4-building rezoning on Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx, after Council Member Marjorie Velazquez pushed the developer to hire union carpenters.


With support in the State Legislature, we ended the 421A tax incentive program, which cost New Yorkers over $1 billion dollars a year in lost revenue and failed to create good paying jobs or affordable homes.


In a historic City Council vote, ensured the approval of a new $450 million-dollar, 16-story medical facility that will be built entirely union.


Introduced and helped pass the General Contractor Liability Law to hold general contractors accountable for wage theft committed by their subcontractors.

Rise With Us

Carpenters RISE is a union-wide effort to educate, organize, and empower members in the political process. Under EST Joseph Geiger’s leadership, members now interview and recommend the candidates we endorse, learn how to make their voices heard, and build the power we need to put union carpenters to work.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Because when we stand in solidarity, we have ability to secure our union values

Union Jobs

Family-Sustaining wages

Quality Benefits

Stable Pension


Safe working conditions and cutting-edge training