Ethics & Compliance

Code Of Ethics & Compliance Program

The District Council is committed to maintaining a culture that values integrity and expects the highest level of ethical conduct from every employee, representative and elected officer.

The District Council’s Code of Ethics serves as a guide for officers, employees, and representatives as they perform their duties on behalf of the union and the membership. The Code reinforces the District Council’s absolute commitment to fostering a culture that demands integrity and ethical conduct from its representatives and from every individual and organization with whom the District Council conducts business.

The District Council Compliance Program is designed to ensure that the standards established by the Code of Ethics are achieved, and consists of four fundamental elements:

  • Policies, procedures and rules that establish behavioral and performance expectations;
  • Training to ensure that officers, employees and representatives understand the rules and level of conduct required of them;
  • Multiple avenues for individuals to report concerns and seek guidance; and
  • Full and fair investigations and disciplinary procedures.

Without exception, all District Council officers, employees and representatives are required to follow the rules, to act ethically, and to remember that their actions must always be for the benefit of the District Council and its membership.

Any questions, concerns or recommendations concerning the District Councils rules, policies or procedures can be addressed to:

Josh Leicht
Chief Compliance Officer

(212) 366-7362 / (646) 248-2369

Richard Green
Inspector General,
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

(212) 366-3354; (855) UBC-TIPS

All are reminded that the District Council will not take or tolerate retaliatory action taken against an individual who makes a good faith report of actual or suspected misconduct.

Members can file a complaint by submiting the Complaint Form in the Member Center section of the District Council website. Links to the UBC Constitution and important District Council policies and procedures can also be found in there.