Our Endorsement Process

The NY Carpenters Union endorses candidates who will fight for union values at all levels of government. Our union brothers and sisters decide who deserves that support.

Our members are serious about selecting and supporting candidates who will put working people first. The power of that endorsement and the support of our union brothers and sisters has a real impact at the ballot box, with our endorsed pro-labor candidates seeing overwhelming success in recent years.

Endorsements are made through a member-led process. Candidates detail their positions through questionnaires and participate in meetings where our individual members ask them questions about policies and positions. Only then do our members vote on an endorsement. When we do endorse a candidate, the union’s support goes beyond a simple declaration – we provide support both financially and with boots on the ground, including leafleting, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking and rallies.

Candidate Questionaires

2024 NY Elections

Questions can be directed to Political Director Kevin Elkins at kelkins@nycdistrictcouncil.org.

Open Questionnaires:

Political Endorsements

We endorse pro-labor candidates who have promised to fight for Carpenter values and the rights of all workers.