Tax Fraud & Wage Theft

Stand Up To Tax Fraud & Wage Theft

Tax fraud and wage theft is a plague on our industry and a burden on our communities. Together, we can stop it!

Tax fraud and wage theft are a blight on the construction industry. We won’t stand for dishonest contractors who steal wages from workers and don’t pay their fair share of taxes. More than just a union issue, it impacts every single one of us.

Just look at what it costs:

  • Nationwide, workers and their families lose $10 billion a year to wage theft and tax fraud.
  • Corrupt contractors withhold at least $811.1 million in overtime pay every year
  • Tax fraud committed by unqualified construction contractors put New Yorkers at risk of losing $1.1 billion in 2018 alone.
  • NYS and NYC lost over $420 million in 2011 due to off-the-books payments and the misclassification of 70,000 construction workers.
  • Tax Fraud and wage theft affect the entire construction industry and the lives of every citizen by shrinking public budgets and increasing healthcare costs.
  • Construction workers are robbed of $946 million annually
  • New Yorkers lose $20 million in unpaid wages every single week.
  • Nearly $500 million was lost in NYC from premium fraud in the construction industry in just 2011.
  • Fraud in the NYC construction industry costs $761.2 million a year, including $275 million not paid into workers’ compensation, $44 million not paid in state and federal unemployment taxes, $56 million in unpaid NYS and NYC income taxes, and $143 million in healthcare costs borne by state and federal taxpayers.

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