NYS AG Tish James, NYCDCC EST Joe Geiger, and NASRCC Bill Banfield Call to End of Wage Theft and Tax Fraud in Op-Ed

04.20.2022 jwatson

Wage theft isn’t an accident. It’s a deliberate tactic & disturbing trend used by far too many contractors. Immoral contractors steal $946M from construction workers annually. Coinciding with Tax Fraud Days of Action 2022, New York State Attorney General Tish James, NYC District Council of Carpenters Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joe Geiger, and North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Bill Banfield sounded the alarm on cheating contractors in joint op-ed featured in City & State, which underscored the need stop unscrupulous contractors who are cheating the system and hurting hardworking New Yorkers, so we can further New York’s recovery from COVID-19 and end wage theft for good. Read the op-ed here.