A Message from EST Joe Geiger 421-a Being Eliminated from the NYS Budget

04.08.2022 jwatson

Today we are celebrating a clear win for our union, our members, and all workers with the news that 421-a was eliminated from the NYS budget. The failed program was a tax abatement that allowed developers to pocket billions of dollars at the expense of construction workers and New Yorkers in need of affordable housing. We have said from the beginning that we would not accept any program that did not include strong wage requirements and truly affordable housing and we would fight to keep it out of the budget. We kept our word and we won. This win shows that the NYC Carpenters Union is at the table and part of the discussion, and that we have a powerful political voice. We are ready to discuss a better program that benefits all New Yorkers, not just wealthy developers. Please read the full statement from EST Joe Geiger below.