A Special Fourth of July Message from EST Joe Geiger

07.02.2020 jwatson

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last four months, we have fought a great battle as a union. COVID-19 struck us hard in New York City and within our union family. While we could not evade its advance, the District Council met it with great resolve.

The truth is that the financial health and well-being of our membership was our priority throughout the pandemic. We answered phone calls, we replied to emails, and we responded to texts from members who were concerned about how they were going to pay the bills, put food on the table, and take care of their families. We listened and we seized every opportunity to work with the Benefit Funds to relieve the financial burden and alleviate the fear during this unprecedented time. I am proud to say that although the District Council did take some hits, our membership remained safe and protected.

Now, as we begin to regroup and move forward, I can’t help but remember those who have worked hard to ensure a better future for us. While we celebrate watching fireworks and spending socially distanced time with families and friends, let us take a moment to remember the people who have sacrificed to make the United States a safer, fairer, and more free land.

At the same time, let us pause and reflect. Just as the union has made long strides toward securing fair compensation for workers, advocating for job safety, and bringing justice to those who try to restrict the freedoms we as a union have worked so hard to obtain, we must commit to being even better and fighting even more. It is important that we continue to share our voices, fight for what we believe, and ensure that different groups of people have the same rights, freedoms and liberties in our country. After all, the rule in our emblem signifies the desire of the organization to live by the Golden Rule: “To do unto others as we would wish others to do unto us.”

In fact, one of the most patriotic acts we can do this Fourth of July is to look inward, consider our actions, and uphold our union values – on and off the job sites – to help guide our neighborhoods, our city, and our nation toward peace, prosperity, and a brighter future for everyone.

God bless America, God bless your families, and God bless the union. Happy Fourth of July to all!

In Solidarity,

Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer