Building a Better Future with Union Allies 

06.13.2024 jwatson

By: Joseph Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

As union carpenters, we know how important it is to build a strong foundation. Not just for buildings, but for our communities and for the livelihoods of our members. That’s why every year, in preparation for election season, the NYC District Council of Carpenters puts together an extensive list of endorsements for candidates who we believe best represent our union’s values and goals of protecting the working people of the Empire State. Our union brothers and sisters work hard every day to build the future of New York City and deserve lawmakers who support labor and workers’ rights. 

Our endorsement process is led by our hard-working members, because they deserve to have elected officials who truly represent them. Each year, I’m blown away by the passion that our members bring to the endorsement process to ensure that pro-union candidates are in a position to fight for our brothers and sisters in labor. 

To gain an endorsement from the New York City Carpenters Union, candidates must detail their positions through questionnaires and participate in meetings where individual members ask them questions about policies and positions. Then, our members vote on an endorsement and if successful, we will support the candidate in various ways to ensure a pro-labor candidate who values carpenter issues is elected to office. 

Our advocacy doesn’t stop there. Through Carpenters RISE, we engage in programming year-round focused on lifting the voices of our members and encouraging civic participation through joining community boards, canvassing, phone banking, and most importantly, showing up to the polls. Thanks to Carpenters RISE, our members are empowered and educated on the political process, and they bring that dedication and energy to our endorsed candidates. 

We’ve put in the work to leave our mark on New York politics. With an over 91% success rate of endorsed candidates in years past, we’ve proven that no one puts more boots on the ground than the carpenters. This success has made a huge impact on our union. Why? Because political power means more work hours. Not only does it ensure that our members are being represented by officials who align with their values, but having strong labor allies elected into office means we have champions for essential pieces of legislation that protect working people. 

Thanks to our union allies in-office, we’ve helped enact historic legislative wins that directly benefit the working people of New York. Just last year, we passed the LLC Transparency Act and the Wage Theft Accountability Act, both of which crack down on unethical practices made by contractors cheating workers out of the wages and rights they are owed. 

With these successes and a slate of 69 dedicated, union-endorsed candidates, we look to the horizon of the 2024 elections with determination and unwavering hope. This year is not just another election cycle—it is a pivotal moment to harness our collective strength and champion candidates who truly stand for union values. Let us unite in solidarity to use our voices to advocate for working people at the polls on June 25 and November 5. Together, we have the power to build strong foundations for the greatest city in the world.