District Council Employee Spotlight: Eric Soto – Political Coordinator

12.31.2022 bushwickadmin

Eric Soto used to be a field director for an array of NYC politicians, working on five campaigns in under four years. Today, he’s the go-to individual responsible for setting up the union’s political events, specifically Carpenters RISE. Read here about how this young but seasoned campaign leader became the Political Coordinator at the NYCDCC:

You had the foundation to one day be a seasoned campaign leader. What made you change gears and get a 9-5 job? 

Well, I think we’re both kidding ourselves if I said my work is strictly 9-5. Being in political work you typically have a lot of late nights. But a lot of people want an office career instead of campaign work, and I felt the same. Plus, this is the Carpenters Union, the best union with the best members, in my opinion. Getting this position was a dream. I like to think of it like this: no one likes a political campaign, but everyone loves a union job. 

What’s the best part of your job? 

Helping the members is my favorite part. Being on the ground and organizing Get Out the Vote (GOTV) events and other political actions to bridge the gap between our members and our elected candidates is such a great feeling. 

What’s it like working in such a competitive field? Is there a lot of worrying over candidate races and other things outside of your control? 

It can be tricky, but we have a great political department, so we really stay on top of things. To keep things moving, I try and do whatever is needed of me ASAP, so my team can move ahead. My team also helps keep things under control. Kevin Elkins, the Director, and Megan Wylie, the Deputy Director, are both great people to learn from. 

If you could say one thing to the members, what would it be?

Learn where your poll site is and get involved. Attend a screening, a GOTV, or a rally. I want all members to be part of the endorsement process so they can know who they’re voting for and why.