District Council Employee Spotlight – Jenny Liang

01.01.2022 bushwickadmin

Jenny Liang has been a dedicated employee of the District Council for eight years. Working as the administrative manager for grievances, she helps our members each day by streamlining administrative processes and ensuring members get what they need.

How did you get your start at the District Council? 

I started out in the grievance department as a temp. Through growth, I became the department’s paralegal and I’m currently the manager of the department.

 How did you work your way up? 

Under Paul Tyznar’s guidance, who was the Director of Grievances, I felt mentored and I flourished. Between him and others that I’ve worked with over the years, they had more confidence in me than I felt in myself and helped me develop into the person that I am. If you ask people, they’ll probably say I’m the report guru, liaison to the locals, or generally too involved, but I’m always looking to learn something new and apply it to help others. 

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

 I enjoy the challenges of making processes more streamlined and easier for the staff and members. As stressful as it can be, it’s also wonderful to see the end results. With everyone’s efforts and through communication, we’ve got the Union Fusion site that allows shop stewards to report hours electronically rather than calling into the OWL every day. Members can also see their OWL skills and certifications online. I’m happy to say our latest efforts allow members to see their Union Activity history electronically and receive an email when they’ve been credited with a receipt. This is part of the union’s push to streamline union activity and create a one-stop shop for members to access all their activities throughout the years without having to keep track of paper receipts! It is really easy to manage, too. Once a member logs into Union Fusion, they can simply go to Meetings under their Homepage and see their Union Activity history. As always, members can contact Union Activity at 212-366- 7810 or the Communications Department at 212-366-7316 for help.

 What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

 I like the union for what it stands for and I believe wholeheartedly in what we’re trying to accomplish as an organization. I enjoy the work but more importantly, I enjoy working with the people around me. We have people who make themselves available around the clock to help members. We have staff going to different departments to find answers, and staff speaking with members who are looking for guidance for long periods of time. I see it and I appreciate all the hard work everyone puts into helping each other.