EST Joe Geiger Thanksgiving Day Message - NYCDCC

EST Joe Geiger Thanksgiving Day Message

11.23.2022 Luke Marino

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since this is the Season of Thanks this year it just feels better to say, ‘Thank you’ instead of ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to all my union brothers and sisters.

So, thank you.

Thank you for taking pride every day in what you do despite the cold and the heat, the effects of the pandemic, and the challenges we face from the nonunion sector . . .

Thank you for showing up day in and day out to your jobs and showing the entire industry that the New York City Carpenters Union is the best union in the city . . .

Thank you for being advocates of the union at your local meetings, at Delegate Meetings, at Community Meetings, and on the job sites out in the field . . .

Thank you for believing in the union, trusting us, and understanding that every decision we make is in the best interest of our members and the longevity of the union . . .

Thank you for keeping up with your certifications and training, so that we can continue to be the most skilled and the safest in such a competitive industry . . .

But, mostly, thank you for being a UNION member and upholding the brotherhood that stands in solidarity against the forces who would try to undercut construction workers in our city. Never forget, we are stronger together.

Thank YOU.

Finally, I hope you and your family and friends can get together this year to enjoy Thanksgiving however you celebrate, be it a dinner, watching football, or just being thankful to have a day to rest.



Joseph Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer