Happy Labor Day

09.03.2021 L Boudreau

Brothers and Sisters,

Labor Day usually marks the one last trip with the family, and it means the end of summer for some, but for those of us in the union, it is a tribute to each one of you and the hard work you have put in over the last 365 days. This day represents all that we have worked for and reminds us how far we can go when we stand together in solidarity.

Truth be told, we’ve come a long way since last Labor Day. Because of your hard work, we’ve fought back against the nonunion sector and turned jobs union, we’ve worked millions of hours building roads and bridges and other infrastructure and essential buildings, and we launched Carpenters RISE, our member-led campaign that will ultimately get more hours and jobs for our members. And this year, we’ve had a lot of labor achievements to celebrate across all levels of government:

  • NYC Carpenters Union helped to pass the Wage Theft Bill here in New York that will protect workers’ hard-earned wages and offer a defense against bad contractors in the industry. We are very hopeful it will be signed into law by the Governor soon.
  • The National Labor Relations Board decided that “Scabby the Rat” and banners are part of a union’s “Freedom of Speech” and can be used at rallies, union pickets, and boycotts.
  • Marty Walsh, a proud union brother, became the U.S. Labor Secretary. He’s come through the ranks and understands the needs and concerns union members.
  • We also saw the historic passage of the $550 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework—the largest investment in our nation’s infrastructure in a century. We are very hopeful that Congress will move quickly, and long-term work opportunities become available for our union members.

In the next year, I am positive that there will be a growing number of achievements to share with you.

Finally, while there will be no Labor Day parade again this year, on Sunday, September 12th, the District Council will march alongside other members of the building trades in the Heart 9/11 Commemorative March to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of September 11th. We will honor our 18 brothers who tragically lost their lives at the World Trade Center, as well as all the first responders and recovery workers, many of whom who were union carpenters. If you would like to march, please register by filling out the following form by Friday, Sept. 10th : https://forms.gle/oZ9ntHznbYGcXV7J9

Please take this day to relax with family and friends. You have certainly earned it. I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Labor Day.


Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer