09.01.2023 Luke Marino

Brothers and Sisters,

This is my 39th Labor Day as a proud member of the NYC Carpenters Union. Over those nearly four decades, we’ve celebrated major victories–securing more job opportunities for our members, signing legislation that benefits unions members and their families, agitating those in the industry who want to see the downfall of unions and infringe on workers’ rights, and educating our communities and politicians that unions are what will help build America even stronger in the 21st century. Even with all the great accomplishments under our belts, those years have certainly not gone without challenges and some defeats from anti-union developers and union-busting politicians. But, as union members, we are resilient. We are determined. And we know how to rise, knowing our industry has its ups and downs.

One thing that is unwavering is that Labor Day is our day, brothers, and sisters, and don’t ever forget that. Nobody is more deserving than you all–the men and women who built this city, who rebuild this city stronger, and who will no doubt build the city of the future with union hands. It’s one day specifically set aside for all of us to look back at the founding of our union, to honor the people who fought for and defended workers’ rights, and to shine a light on the importance of unions in our country.

On September 4th, union workers across the country will celebrate and enjoy time with their loved ones and have a much-deserved day off.  Don’t forget that this day would not exist if it weren’t for the founder of both Labor Day and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Peter J. McGuire. He is someone we should remember and thank as we strive to meet the ideals that he held for workers’ rights.

As we all spend time with our friends and family, let’s remember all of the men and women who joined McGuire and sacrificed their comfort, safety, and in some cases their own lives, in the struggle for safer working conditions and fair pay. These rights are the foundation of our union and our country’s underlying strength.

Finally, I look forward to marching with you and your loved one’s next weekend at the annual NYC Labor Day Parade on Saturday, September 9th. Line-up starts at 9AM at 46th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. Let’s unite and show New York City just how union strong the Carpenters really are.


Joseph Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer