Message from EST Geiger on the 20th Anniversary of September 11th

09.10.2021 jwatson

Brothers and Sisters,

This September 11th marks the 20th Anniversary since our 18 brothers lost their lives and the Twin Towers went down. It is with both heartbreak and pride that we remember and honor these brothers and the rest of our membership who risked their lives as first-responders and helped rebuild our great city. The events of September 11, 2001 forever changed the skyline of Manhattan and forever carved a deep hole in our hearts. Equally transformed were our lives as Union members. We came together as New Yorkers and did what we had to do for our city and our country.

For many of us, the memories of that heartbreaking day remain fresh in our minds as if it were yesterday, but so do the memories of bravery, strength, and heroism. Retired Local 740 member Dan Walcott recounts his 9/11 experience in a video here. When we remember that day, let us not only remember the tragedy, but also the way in which the people of this city and across the country came together in support of one another.

Let us remember everyone who worked at Ground Zero and played a crucial role in bringing New York back to its feet. Local 212 brother Chris Vesely was one of many of our members who worked in the Twin Towers and helped rebuild after 9/11. He speaks of his pride then and now in his video here.

For 20 years, we have said their names. One name has a special meaning to Pam Wallace the Office Manager for Local 2287 in 2001. Watch her video here. As we continue to build this city and leave our mark, we do so in remembrance for those we lost and in support of those who will rise when adversity calls and stand strong. May this day serve as a reminder that New Yorkers can never be knocked down. Today, we stand in solidarity and continue to walk forward united. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of those who we lost.

We fondly remember:

  1. Sean Canavan, Local 608
  2. Martin Coughlan, Local 608
  3. Matthew Diaz, Local 2287
  4. Paul Gill, Local 608
  5. Mauricio Gonzalez, Local 608
  6. Maurice Kelly, Local 157
  7. Chris Kirby, Local 608
  8. Benjamin Millman, Local 608
  9. Joseph Mistrulli, Local 157
  10. Brian Monaghan, Local 157
  11. David Ortiz, Local 608
  12. Joseph Piskadlo, Local 157
  13. John Rizzo, Local 608
  14. Daniel Rosetti, Local 15
  15. David Ruddle, Local 157
  16. Stephen Russell, Local 45
  17. Erik Sanchez, Local 2287
  18. Patrick Woods, Local 608


We will never forget,

Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer