New York Carpenters For Tom Suozzi

02.16.2024 Luke Marino

With organized labor by his side, Tom Suozzi emerged victorious in a special election, as he was elected to Congress on Tuesday, February 13th to represent his previous district, NY-03. Suozzi faced off against Nassau County legislator Mazi Pilip in a hotly contested race to replace embattled former Rep. George Santos.

On a chilly Saturday leading up to election day, 1,100 union carpenters from the New York City District Council of Carpenters and our sister council, the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, packed the room at the Sterling in Bethpage, NY to make sure Tom headed back to Congress to fight for our union jobs.

Throughout his career, Tom has consistently supported the carpenters and worked tirelessly to uplift the middle class. Seeing the need to have another friend in Congress fighting for union carpenters, United Brotherhood of Carpenters leadership came out to speak directly to our members on Tom’s history of helping us secure more work. UBC General President Doug McCarron addressed the crowd and made it clear that Tom Suozzi was the only candidate we could trust to fight for the carpenters. In his closing remarks, President McCarron said “This election is about your jobs, and your families!”

After the rally, our members went our door knocking on behalf of Suozzi making sure residents of NY-03 knew that Tom Suozzi was the best choice on election day. The voice of labor was heard loud and clear with Tom Suozzi winning the election and he made sure to thank his union supporters in his victory night speech.

It’s great to have another friend of labor in office fighting for the carpenters, and we look forward to seeing the work Tom does on our behalf.

Make sure to check out our video of the big rally. Remember brothers and sisters, when we are union strong and elect people who fight for carpenter values, there’s no stopping us!