NYCDCC Announces 2021 Election Results

11.19.2021 jwatson

New York, NY – Today, NYC union carpenters re-elected Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger, President Paul Capurso and Vice President David Caraballoso, defeating the opposition in a landslide. The Solidarity Slate garnered 74 percent of the vote.

The re-election of Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger, President Paul Capurso and Vice President David Caraballoso will allow the NYC Carpenters Union to thrive, keeping members safe, creating family-sustaining jobs, and ensuring quality benefits, especially as the unionized construction industry continues to lead the way out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our values as a union are stronger than ever before, and our members have chosen overwhelmingly to continue to uphold safety, stability, and transparency. Together, we move forward in solidarity and even more confident that good days are ahead. I thank our members deeply for their support. We will not let you down. Onward,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger.

“Thank you to our membership for electing the Solidarity Slate to union leadership, resulting in a landslide win. Transparency, stability, and trust were the keys to victory. In a clear rebuke, the membership of the New York City District Council voted against the opposing slate who aligned themselves with the previous administrations and individuals who were ultimately terminated from the union for betraying the membership and jeopardizing our funds,” said President Paul Capurso.

“I’m honored to continue serving as Vice President, and for the first time, being elected by our members makes the victory all the more meaningful,” said Vice President David Caraballoso. “I’m grateful to have their support and pledge to provide safety and security to all and their families as we focus on what’s most important; building this great city with pride and dignity.”

Results: District Council Officer Election 2021


Solidarity Slate

EST                       Joseph Geiger                   2240

President             Paul Capurso                     2737

Vice President    David Caraballoso            2161

Warden                Shawn Campbell               80

Conductor           Denis Pupovic                    83

Trustee                John Sheehy                       78

Trustee                Jeremy Milin                      72

Trustee                Phil Fiorentino                   42

New Accountable Slate

EST                     Patrick Crean                ��    1212

Vice President   Michael Power                  1260

Warden              Andrew Hallas                   3

Conductor         Herman Warren                1

Trustee              Janusz Majewski              28

Trustee              Doug O’Grady                   7