NYCDCC Membership Elects Paul Capurso as President

02.26.2020 jwatson

Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf the Executive leadership and our fellow union brothers and sisters, I am proud to announce that the membership of the New York City District Council of Carpenters elected Paul Capurso as the next President of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

For the last six years, I have had the privilege of working alongside Paul during some of our most significant successes and during some of our more challenging times as a union. He has shown me time and again that he is committed to fighting for the rights of members and the well-being of their families. I truly believe that we were always stronger together and I know that he will be an even stronger advocate for our 20,000 members across our nine local unions in this new position.

Paul joined the District Council 1987 and from the beginning, he wanted to be the best of the best by working his way from Journeymen to Lead Carpenter, Foreman, General Foreman, and to a Super for a Interior Systems Contractor. In 1996, looking to become more involved, Paul became a part-time instructor teaching Apprentices and Journeymen at the Carpenters Training Center while continuing to work in the field as a Foreman.

In 2000, Paul became a Delegate for Local 157, a Financial Secretary in 2006, and a Business Representative in 2008. Paul was promoted to Lead Regional Manager of Manhattan and Queens Rep Centers in 2011, where he currently serves. In 2011, he became a Trustee to the Benefit Funds.

Paul committed himself to a path of lifelong learning and he sought out opportunities to excel and grow into more leadership positions. He brings a wealth of tried and true experience from every level of his union membership. Paul has been nothing short of competent and eager to help the Council succeed.

While the membership elected Paul, I’d also like to thank the other candidates for their hard work and stalwart support and enthusiasm during this special election. They represented varying interests and they spoke from the heart. I’m truly grateful for so many qualified individuals choosing to become part of the political process and to drive the Council forward.

And a special thank you to everyone who voted. The more you get involved both internally and externally, the more unified we will be. A unified union = a strong union.

Congratulations, Paul.



Joseph Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer