Statement from EST Joseph Geiger on the Protests

06.03.2020 jwatson

The very foundation of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters is to fight for the rights of every worker to be treated equally and to guarantee that every worker in our represented trades has rights in the workplace, a fair wage, a healthy family and hope for the future.

As a labor union, we have always fought on the side of justice, and we have won great battles by making our voices heard. That is why the District Council stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the city and the country who are peacefully standing up to the racism that is so deeply ingrained in our society.

We have worked to become a more inclusive union and we will continue to support those who are underrepresented and provide equal opportunity regardless of race or gender. At this time, we must all turn inward and reflect. It’s uncomfortable and it’s not easy, but few things worth doing ever are.

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused so much turmoil and devastation, it is more important than ever that we stand together and support each other. We hope all our members remain safe and please know that the union is here for you. Members who need support through this difficult time are encouraged to seek help with a social worker in the District Council’s MEND program.

Lastly, remember, united we stand and divided we fall.


Thank you and God Bless,

Joseph Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer