Thanksgiving Day Message From EST Joseph Geiger

11.22.2023 Luke Marino

Brothers and Sisters,

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your hard work throughout the year on the job site and outside of work. Whether it’s finishing a job ahead of schedule, mentoring young apprentices or volunteering for community events with the District Council, your dedication does not go unnoticed. Your continued dedication undoubtedly empowers us, keeps us going, and contributes to the success of our union–the best union in all the trades. Thank you.

Another thing that does not go unnoticed is the exceptional skill you apply to your craft day in and day out, which is evident in every union-built structure across the five boroughs. Roads, buildings, bridges, and so much more have your footprint. Take a moment to feel proud of your work and be thankful for the legacy you are creating now that will withstand the test of time for your future generations to admire and enjoy.

Finally, make the most of the holiday in whatever way brings you joy. Whether you decide to enjoy the company of loved ones, eat a delicious feast, or simply relax while watching a football game, enjoy it. Remember, each one of you deserves this well-earned break.

Once again, brothers and sisters, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Joseph A. Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer