The Brother and Sisterhood Knows No Bounds

08.14.2020 L Boudreau

A union family is more than just having brothers and sisters who work next to each other on the job site. Having a union family also means having a network of brothers and sisters across the country and Canada who can depend on each other and reach out in times of need – and that’s exactly what Montell Brown, a member of the Chicago Regional Council, did.

COVID-19 hit home hard for Montell, a member of Local 13 in Chicago, when he learned that his elderly father, a veteran who lives in the Bronx, had contracted the virus. Hundreds of miles away and unable to be by his father Sherard’s side as he fought yet another difficult battle, Montell felt helpless. Sherard’s condition worsened and the fire department had to break down his door to get him medical treatment. While Montell’s prayers were answered and his father eventually recovered, the door was damaged and the lock to Sherard’s apartment remained broken. However, Montell knew who to call.

Joseph DiNapoli, Lead Manager at the Rep Center, took Montell’s call and immediately insisted the New York City Carpenters would help. Joe dispatched Business Agent Dave Caraballoso of Local 212 to assess the damage at Sherard’s apartment the next day. The door was skewed and the lock was busted. Dave returned a day later with supplies and a new lock, and he repaired Sherard’s door. Montell and his father couldn’t be more grateful.

“All I can say is that it was a blessing being a UBC member,” Montell said. “I’m so proud of the union, especially the New York City District Council for stepping up with no hesitation. They came out to help my father the very next day. It was awesome. That is what brotherhood is all about. They were on top of it! A special thanks to Joe DiNapoli for his promptness and expeditious work. So very thankful for all involved.”

A very grateful Sherard Brown.