The Sisters in the Brotherhood Mentorship Program

04.01.2022 bushwickadmin

The Sisters in the Brotherhood recently launched their own mentorship program! This wonderful program was created to help our sisterhood flourish. It provides an inclusive space for our newer sisters to learn from more experienced sisters as they carve out their careers in the union. 

Over the past few months, 25 apprentices have been paired with 25 mentors. The women collaborate on everything from job training to work site expectations. Creating opportunities for women to thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field is how this great union will thrive. There is strength in diversity.

“Fostering inclusive and diverse spaces is critical to maintaining a successful and safe future for union carpenters. I’m proud to be a part of a union that not only respects the diversity of each of our members, but actively works to create opportunities for carpenters historically underrepresented in the construction workforce,” Jodie Ann Beatty, President, SIB Women’s Committee said. 

“It has been an honor to launch a mentorship program for our Sisters in the Brotherhood, and I’m thrilled to see the union build upon its commitment to equality through the new Diversity & Inclusion training program.” 

The kick-off meeting is just the beginning. If you are a sister in the union and would like to sign up, please call the rep center at (212) 366-7345 and ask for Jodie Ann!